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©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets“One of the top Animal Photographers in the country, Candace has a gift and special talent for photographing animals from domestic pets and service dogs to the feathered or exotic varieties; her pet photography has been featured all over the world. She’s worked with dogs, cats, service dogs, exotic pets, and has even done a few celebrity pet photography sessions. She’s been published internationally for her pets and animal photography, been a guest on the Windy City Live! morning show, had articles written about her work, and has even appeared in National Geographic a few times.”


©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets ©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets ©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets ©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets ©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets ©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets ©Candace-Zynda-Animal-Photographer-Chicago-Pets

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