What to wear for my portrait session?

Pre-portrait session jitters? Can’t figure out what to wear on your photo shoot?  Years of working all over the country have been made easier by having roots in Chicago’s “Windy City” Photography. You learn things like “Always be prepared for changing climate and weather conditions” (You know what they say about Chicago? Don’t like the weather-wait 5 minutes.) and wearing layers and bringing an extra hair clip while shooting on Lake Michigan (even though you weren’t planning on having your hair pulled back.)

As a professional photographer in Chicago who spends a great deal of time shooting outdoors, and on-location portraits & editorials, you learn a lot of things quickly that many other photographers take their entire careers to learn. That’s not to say there isn’t the occasional occurrence of being caught off guard, it happens to even the best- but lets face it, that’s much less likely to happen to a resourceful, well prepared, and experienced photographer who’s used to dealing with the unexpected. (Of course there are tons of other important reasons to hire an experienced professional photographer.)

Here’s some helpful hints, tricks, and guides for clothing and accessory choices that photograph well- all written by a professional photographer-curated with a top fashion editor, and carefully compiled based on years of real world photography experience.




Take the guess work out of dressing up for your portraits- here are some great fashion tips, and seasonal visuals to get you inspired for your photography session.

What to wear photography fashion guide Cool Season 2015

What to wear photography fashion guide

What to wear photography fashion guide

What to wear photography fashion guide












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